Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday Revue March 24: Weaker Sides

Dive Into The Deepest Of Dreams With

A dark night. Deep woods. A life to run from.
And something in the road.
This is the beginning of a journey deep into interior landscapes. Part poetry, part legend, part gritty concrete reality, this dream will break you like bone china. Then it will help you put the pieces back together with lacquered seams of gold.
The storyline revolves around two characters: Ashley, a nurse who copes with the world's pains by turning his personal life into a safe, silent cocoon of tranquilizers, tea and peace, and Kyoko, a tortured soul who will no longer be allowed to ignore her pains: her inner turmoil has manifested in the form of a change that has recreated her body. She is now a deer-woman, and she can no longer run from her animal rage and pain.
But there is just the faintest possibility that she can face and heal them, with help.
This tale is told by Lifemachine on Tapastic and at its own site.

The Rating

A deep, dark night of the soul that leads us towards  the dawn.

The Raves

Thematically, this material is challenging on a visceral level. A blending of poetry, photography, impressionist drawing styles and surrealism, the story reflects on the pleasures and the terrors of the non-typical mind.
It vacillates between two poles: the visceral pain of a world red in tooth and concrete claw,
 and the seductive numbness that comes of retreating from it.

 Both have their blessings and their curses, and all their depths are plumbed in this work. 

This story deserves an entry into the ranks of the great Urban Fantasy tales. The creator is currently on hiatus reformatting existing pages, but I hope they don't change too much: I find the deep, strange internal journey gripping and cathartic just as it is. This work does a beautiful job of capturing altered states of consciousness by altering their media style: they wander from the deep, clear reflections of peaceful moments to the pain ridden scrawls deep in dark nights of the soul. 

Much in the line of some Sandman work, 'Weaker Sides' does not flinch from mental trauma and the way it twists our perceptions. Wounded, we wound others. Wounded souls, we attract spiritual scavengers who scent our weaknesses.
But despite our thrashing and in spite of our biting of the healing hand, this story reminds us that there will always be those who will help us in our struggles.
In terms of art, this piece shows its talent in its ability to blend disparate styles into a seamless whole. It is truly beautiful. Drawing is stylistic and well done when it is used, and the chosen photos are perfect.

 The Razzes

I have very little to complain of here. The creator of this work has gone into their creative cocoon for the time being partly for health reasons, but partly because they feel their work is not worthy yet of an audience. They haven't gotten a lot of attention.
I beg to differ. They simply haven't found their audience yet. Dear readers, let's share their work around and show them that their work does touch hearts and souls.
Let's give this gorgeous creator a reason to come back to their audience and stay with us, creating beautiful things that break us and make us whole again. 

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