Waiting In The Wings: List Of Acts To Be Revued

Our Upcoming Acts! Come See The Show!

If you'd like your comic added to the talent list, please message the Master of Ceremonies at stripshowrevue@gmail.com
*PLEASE NOTE*: If your comic is hosted on Tapastic, please attach images that you'd like me to use from your work, since The Tap makes image saving/capture extremely difficult. Thanks much.
If your comic is on more than a month of hiatus when I reach it, it will go back to the bottom of the list and I'll see if it's been revived the next time around. Cheers.

No Earth
The Green Eyed Sniper
Cosmos Song

Simon Nero
Chanterelle And Mae
Bite Madness

Robo Hole
Stellar Persona
Once Stung
Oops Comic Adventures
  1. Weaker Sides
  2. Spidersilk
  3. Waste Of Time, The Comic
  4. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Worms
  5. NimProd
  6. I Kill Giants
  7. Witchy 
  8. Bounty Hunter Space Besties
  9. Romantically Apocolyptic
  10. Vatican Assassins
  11. Punk Academy
  12. Abducted
  13. Pride Of Baghdad
  14. Low-Tier Jane
  15. There Was a War
  16. PMFC Comics
  17. Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit
  18. Neon Rabbit
  19. Centralia 2050
  20. Hot Metal Miami
  21. Onions
  22. Anya's Ghost
  23. Handsome and Hideous
  24. Time Lapse
  25. Evil Witch Allie
  26. Bedtime Stories for Strangers
  27. Reus
  28. Woohooligan
  29. Going Still
  30. Oliver And Trouble
  31. Witchery Ect. 
  32. The Angel With Black Wings
  35. Nocturne
  36. Whose World
  37. The J-Man
  38. Monomania
  39. Heroic Shenanigans
  40. TalesfromSwipeCity
  41. Bounty Hunter 
  42. Mallory Bash
  43. Theater Of The Bloody Tongue
  44. Mindfold
  45. Ikon
  46. Not Your Friend
  47. Empathy Drive
  48. Pretzel To Meet You
  49. The Beard
  50. CasaBase
  51. Tales Of Midgard
  52. Tales From The Interface
  53. Oliver And Trouble
  54. Any One Of Us
  55. Slack Wyrm
  56. Paradox
  57. Daughters Of Knights
  58. Freaks And Squeaks
  59. Transmute
  60. Near Mint Mill
  61. Nightshade The Merry Widow

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