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Sunday June 14th: The Eternal Knights

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"Life's a bitch. And then you LIVE."
Artemis, main character of the strip Eternal Knights, has it hard. She's a heroine and protector. For eternity. Period. She doesn't get to retire, and she most certainly doesn't get to die.
And she's a little pissed. Maybe you've noticed.
This fascinating and far-reaching urban fantasy, created by Caley Tibbittz, can be found here 

The Rating

An unabashedly lewd and bloody jaunt through the urban underbelly of Faerieland. Great fun!

The Raves

I have to say, this is a comic I've been waiting eagerly to review. The first thing that impressed me about Eternal Knights was the use of atmosphere in the artwork. You can smell the concrete and hear the sirens in the distance in this gritty piece reminiscent of Watchmen or 80's Batman, with all the blood and grit. Even when it wanders to Avalon, this comic makes you think of concrete and city streets.
The art in this comic is truly GORGEOUS; clean, professional in its approach, but never losing the delightful stylistic nod to classic superhero comics.But the heroes and villains are of a different strain entirely.
The second thing that impressed me was the use of mythology. Here you'll see faeries, Oberon, vampires and a cast of other fables, but these ain't your granny's faeries. These guys are city slick, and they've got sharp edges. 
The dialogue's got edges too; bright and snappy, it's as sharp as a buzz saw and cuts right to the chase, without losing the wry amusement and one liners that makes good superhero stories such fun. It tells you backstory without any need for clumsy info dump, in short,knife sharp moments of thought and interaction.  The use of framing and point of view are constantly surprising, keeping you on the edge of your seat as a reader. And did I mention the costumes are awesome? Between the snazzy dressing, the sour, snappy superhuman heroine and the beautiful art, I was almost in love.

The Razzes

I say almost, because unfortunately, we could have used just a liiiiiittle more of that backstory. As in, I had at certain points, mostly in the second volume,  to go read the cast page in order to figure out what the hell was going on and who anyone was. That bodes ill, and cool art doesn't mean a lot if the page is so cluttered that your readers have to read it twice. I'd like to see the speech bubbles get a little more space to breathe, and just a tad more attention being paid to the boring introductory parts of the plot. Otherwise, you hand a page like this to a reader, they blanch and run away. 

The Revue

A really wonderful comic. Give it a read!

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