Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday Revue February 6: Bi-Morphon

Just Flying In From Out Of This World, 

Has Arrived!

Everybody wants to save the world in their late teens. In this comic, Natsuhiko gets to....sort of.  And he finds out that it's not all it's cracked up to be. Life is about to get pretty interesting in Tokyo...

The creation of Frank Esperaza, Bi-Morphon can be found here

The Rating

The padiwan shows promise, but much is yet to be learned.

The Raves

With self effacing humor, Bi-Morphon takes a tongue in cheek approach to its own material and redeems it by doing so. It's an unabashed good ol'fashioned Boy Saves The World comic a la' Green Lantern, and it makes no pretensions about the fact. You know right where you are with the straightforward storytelling. The characters have a certain direct, naive charm that tempts you to give them a hug or pat them on the head, including the ones who would hate it if you did.

The Razzes

Unfortunately, all 'Bi Morphon' has going for it is the impression 'vaguely cute'. It's got a LONG way to go.
To get some immediate improvements; it needs to fix three things.


Flat, blocky characters and a poor sense of anatomy really makes this comic stumble before it can get out the starting gate. I'd really recommend the creator getting a good book on anatomy and doing a lot of study drawings. To get them started, here's some good anatomy reminders.

Dialogue Layout

Word bubbles that are too small with fonts that are difficult to read is a recipe for disaster. Fix that and you'll already be doing better


Sorry friend, but everybody's already saved the world, changed shape and Superman already explored their world getting blown up. If you want to intrigue, you need to find a new angle. Otherwise it's the same old song and dance.

The Revue

A good first try, but nothing to write home about.

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  1. Awesome information I can digest! Thank You!

    Font wise is something I have changed, and hopefully for the better. I have received comments about that.

    I've been working long and hard about anatomy and clothes, and your information you provided is a huge help. I highly appreciate it.

    As for story, saving the world has been done over and over again, I understand. But the story isn't over yet. The universe is about to expand this coming chapter.

    Thanks a lot! A 6 is higher than what I had expected. ^_^;;


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