Sunday, July 5, 2015

Independence Weekend Review #2: The Lady Skylark

Annnnnd Now Ladies And Gentlemen,
Let Me Introduce You 
To Our Second Independent Lady! 

Let's Give A Warm Welcome TO

The Lady Skylark Herself!

The tale of the Lady Skylark is one that begins with a mutiny, and doesn't let up from there. It's a wonderful wild ride through the seas and skies of another world, a world where there's intrigue on every side, treasure to be found, and treachery on every side.
This beautiful story is another creation of the lovely Jackie Musto, and can be found here

The Rating

A bold and saucy tale!

The Raves

Of course any time I'm reading something of Jackie Musto's, the first thing that arrests me is the artwork. Lady Skylark is no exception to that rule. Both the artist's vingette scenes and her land (or sky) scapes are undeniable treats for the eye. Their sense of action and movement is also a high point, beautifully dynamic and conveyed with wit and skill.
But the characterization is what really makes you fall in love. From the sleek and smoky Lady Skylark to her shivering deck hand, every character is well realized. The world may be a fun and tropey classic, but it too has been re-imagined and made interesting with at least one anthropomorphic species, several strange and unnerving social and religious movements, and more than enough to explore.
The writing style has also taken tired
concepts and made them fresh through strong writing and wonderfully created and byzentine plot; believe me, I've read the entire thing and I'm still not sure who's got the queen's treasure or who's cheating who! All I am sure of is that you DO NOT mess with the Lady Skylark!

The Lady Skylark is a true swashbuckler. She does her own fighting, her own scheming and her own thinking. She takes her place among the best of the strong women characters who actually deserve the name.

The Razzes

If I were the creator, I'd work on the drawing of cityscapes, which often look a little unfinished and give the impression of being after thoughts. I also might thin the lines just slightly when doing linework; sometimes the thickness gives a blurry quality. But other than that, I have very little to complain of. 

The Revue

Huzzah, my Lady! I tip my hat to you.

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