Wednesday, June 17, 2015

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Showing...

No Posts This Weekend Ladies And Gents! I'll Be A Tad Busy


Art By Lorraine Imwold
That's right! I'm getting married Midsummer Day. Pictures to follow if amusing enough to warrant inclusion in this prestigious (snicker) blog.
Slainte! (Irish for cheers, or 'let's get drunk!' )

Mawwidge. Mawwidge is....naaaah Susan was way better than that ;) 
We did it!
Took 3 hours to get me looking like this....

Note: step dancing in a wedding dress IS HARD


  1. You poor fool, good luck.

    1. hah thanks. If I don't kill any of my family and nobody kills the inlaws we'll all be good. My guy Korey and I feel like the eye of a hurricane; around us everyone is running about making wedding preparations and going crazy, and we're sitting back, looking at each other and saying 'hunh, this sure is a lot of hassle...'
      But hey, it's worth it in the end. :D

  2. Congrats my dear!!! Go enjoy your bliss! Hope you're having a wonderful time!!! :D


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