Sunday, July 5, 2015

Independence Weekend #3: The Lady Sabre

Annnnnnnd NOW Ladies and Gentlemen! I Introduce You TO!

The Lady Sabre, That Is!

A swashbuckling salty and sordid tale, The Lady Sabre is a treat for the eyes and the adventurous mind! 
In the world of the Sphere, the Ineffable Aether is dotted with stars and floating Lands, plied by the airships that wander the starry wastes. It's a world of wonder and adventure, where magic and science fight like cats. And it's FASCINATING.
The work of Rick Burchett and Greg Rucka, this wonderful piece can be found at this link.

The Rating

I think I'm in love....

The Raves

To begin with, I'll let the art speak for itself. Beautiful, stylish, creative, yet harking fondly back to the pulp comics of another era. The art is perfection, one of the best indie pieces I've seen. The use of space and pose is meant to recall the Golden Era of comics in style, but when there's an action scene, modern know-how and sense of anatomy is in impeccable evidence.

Oh, and if you need wit and clever dialogue? Yep, that's here too!
The design work is as masterly as the art, some of the best I've seen in the Steampunk genre. Sometimes Steampunk simply looks thrown together, with wires and gears thrown on just for effect. Not so here. The world has the feel of a science evolving at its own pace, divergent but not all that alien to our own. Some serious thought has been put into the technological evolution of this world, and it shows in the best possible way.
And then, of course, there's the plot. In a word? Engrossing. It's an intricate storyline, but it never loses the breakneck for-the-hell-of-it fun of a good adventure. If Firefly was set in the Victorian era, this would be it.
The backbone of the story is the character of the Lady Sabre herself and her crew, a wonderful gang of rebels and mavericks. The Lady is another true heroine; clever, resourceful, quick, and while not afraid to fall in love, she's nobody's girl. She is a perfect adventure heroine.
And saucy too!

The Razzes

Every once in a while, story lines feel a little disconnected, jumping between places, times and characters, and you find yourself patiently waiting for the moment when they converge with the main plot once more. It could be a little tighter, but I won't complain too loud...

The Rating

I'll give this one my highest accolade: I couldn't stop reading. Put it on your list!

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