Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Revue February 28: Moonwraith

Lock The Door And Bar It!

The Werewolves Are Coming!

As if the Middle Ages weren't bad enough, now there's werewolves attacking the fort too! So now you get disease, mud, maltreatment, meddling wizards, ergot poisoning AND werewolves? UNFAIR!
That must be what the valiant defenders are thinking in 'Moonwraith', the creation of Scott Harper and Desiree Lee and biding its time at this link. It's not a pretty world to be alive in, but it's never dull.

The Rating

Sorry Moonwraith, this one just doesn't make tails wag.

The Raves

Moonwraith has some interesting points, including its interest in telling us not only that werewolves exist, but that they were created by the weakness and greed of man. It aspires to be a wartime tale, asking the hard questions and showing you people doing the dreadful algebra of survival. 
       There's some interesting characterization, especially around the character of Kizzy the pragmatic little redhead and the social issues of being a redheaded, outspoken girl in a time and place where both traits are unusual and downright dangerous.
  I have to give points to anyone brave enough to work with an art style as challenging as 3-d modelling as well, which has a really vicious learning curve before anything looks good!

The Razzes

Unfortunately, the art style still has a loooooong way to go in the former respect. The lighting used on most panels is far, far too low, resulting in art that's so muddy and out of focus as to be indecipherable in many places. Worse, it's uploaded too small! This means
that the reader is squinting to see the art AND to read the words. BAD MIX!  If readers have trouble reading the comic AND trouble understanding what's going on from the images, I seriously doubt they're going to keep reading. It's hard to get in a story you're having physical trouble reading!

Here's what I recommend to the creators: improve the lighting so that objects are distinct from one another, REALLY work on clarity and sharpening up your edges, and upload at least 30% larger PLEASE!

Beyond that, the 3-d artist should really work a little harder on making characters look alive; too often the characters' eyes are drifting off in odd directions or their body language is nonexistent. 3-d art is only as good as the energy you put into getting the details right, just like any other art form. A little more attention to detail is going to go a long way here, because right now the work comes off as lazy and half-hearted.

The Revue

Probably better to just watch 'American Werewolf in Paris' until the creators work the bugs out on this one.

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