Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Revue February 21: The Devil's Panties

Need A Laugh Today?

Try 'The Devil's Panties' On For Size!

You laugh because it's so true it hurts. That's 'The Devil's Panties' in a nutshell. And speaking of nuts, thank (or blame?) a wonderful lady named Jennie Breenden for this strip, which can be found here. A gag a day strip with a wonderful sense of humor and no topic off the table, 'The Devil's Panties' will make you laugh from the first strip.

The Rating

A Classic!

The Raves

If your college paper had a decent sense of humor then it'd run something like 'The Devil's Panties' . This comic is, simply put, the most relatable and real gag-a-day webcomic around. The genius of the work is in capturing those weird and awkward moments of life and putting them on paper in a way that makes we readers feel like we're all in on the joke. We laugh because we understand EXACTLY how the characters feel.
The artist has a rare and wonderful ability to know what they're good at and do it, which gives the art a breezy, casual style that is both skilled and laid back. 'Panties' style tells you right off that you're looking the work of an artist who knows what they're doing and is having fun doing it rather than stressing out about details. Splashes of color occasionally enliven the strips, but they're accents to quirky and graceful linework rather than the main event.  The style is consistently playful and unassumingly fun. In a world of pretension, it's good to see somebody playing with art!
The writing carries the theme that just because we grew up doesn't mean we can't tell bad jokes, cover ourselves with glitter or have chocolate cake for breakfast. This comic invites us to be who we are, and to joke about our odd moments rather than being embarrassed. It reminds us that life is weird, gross, has a (sometimes sick) sense of humor, and isn't worth living in a box. It reminds us to stop trying to be adults, and just be us. 

The Razzes

Veeeery occasionally a little more work could be done on faces, especially those of minor characters. But you may notice that I'm having to pick some pretty small nits to find anything wrong with 'The Devil's Panties'. It's just that good.

The Revue

Read it, share it, print it and hang it on your fridge to remind you to have some fun. Print out all the 'what not to do in the bedroom' strips and gross out any prudes in your life. Whatever you do, read it.

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