Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday Revue February 4: Oops! Comic Adventures!

Hurry Hurry Hurry, Have We Got A Show For You!
This Week, We Are Proud To Present

Have we got a show for you! Oops, Comic Adventures, creation of an individual by the lovely handle of Potoo Gryphon, is the very thing for pulling you out of the winter doldrums. It can be found at this link and is well worth the visit. Follow the example of the main character, Oops, and stumble into magic!

The Rating

A wonderful wander through the Forbidden Forest!

The Raves

Sword and Sorcery is a tired old horse of a genre, to be sure. Which makes anyone who can ginger it up with a witty take something of a genius in my book. And that's exactly what 'Oops' manages with its cockeyed magic and street rats. No, I mean it. Street rats. Literally. The main character's best friend is a 5 foot rat named Plague with a wicked sense of humor and a flare for the dramatic. And did I mention Oops is bone white, mute, and on a quest?
Add to that gryphons, ancient spells, old mistakes, destinies and hec hounds, and you're going to enjoy the story quite a lot.
It puts me in mind of Calvin and Hobbes with magic, or of one of Pratchett's Tiffany Aching stories designed for younger readers. Much more self aware and sassy than Sir Valiant, this is a take on Sword and Sorcery that works. The storytelling focuses on interpersonal relationships and is heavily dialogue driven, in a good way. The characters interact in a consistently dynamic way that is brisk and surprisingly amusing, with a good balance of events and one liners. 
The art style is also reminiscent of Bill Watterson on the good days, and I really appreciate a style that manages to look both effortless and masterful. I've been extremely impressed with the page layouts, framing, layout and design of this work. A real treat for the eyes!

The Razzes

The main problem Oops has is in consistency. On a good day, it's right up there with the best. But this comic often and unexpectedly comes out in black and white. It regularly interrupts the story for short fan-art events or goes on hiatus. And it has been on break since September (though it is still extant and coming back soon!) 

Now I know first hand how long a good comic page takes. I'm a comic artist as well and I've missed my share of updates. But this kind of uncertainty hurts a page's numbers when it comes to hits and visibility. I'd really like to see the artist take the time they need to get everything settled at home and get a nice BIG buffer going, then come back fresh with less worry about whether they'll make the next page update. It'll be good for them and their reader base!
One thing the artist might keep an eye on from the craft perspective is foreshortening. Several times characters in the background or from odd angles appear squashed and doll-like, and I'd like to see that worked on a touch.

The Revue

Go wander in the Forbidden Forest, you'll have a lovely time!

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