Monday, October 31, 2016

Light The Fire, Gather Round! It's A Halloween Triple Feature!

All Hallow's Eve! When the darkness comes knocking, when the air smells of pumpkins and fallen leaves, it's time to explore the grim and the ghastly. Which is what we plan to do today!
Today, we'll be posting a Halloween Double Feature review of 'Patrick The Vampire' and 'Hopeless Maine', followed by a Monthly Matinee feature, 'The Masks We Hide Behind' after dark.
Snuggle down, dim the lights and hold on tight, Halloween has come to town!
And as an extra special gift for our Strip Show readers, here's four spooky Ray Bradbury stories. When the sun goes down, listen. Feel the turning of the world, and the shiver in your blood.Happy Halloween!
From The Dust Returned-
The Halloween Tree-
Something Wicked This Way Comes-
The October Country-

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