Saturday, July 2, 2016

Independence Weekend!

Announcing The Weekend Of Independence!

Raise Your Hands For

Green Shift!

And Serious Engineering!


Freedom. It's a word that gets bandied about an awful lot in America this time of year. We have fireworks and freedom and a few beers. That about covers it for most of us.
But what is freedom?

Freedom isn't patriotic songs. Freedom isn't cheering crowds and nice cars and wealth. Plenty of places where true freedom is scarce have all those things, sometimes in great abundance. The best way to hide a cage is to gild it.

So this weekend, let's ask ourselves this question:

What Does Freedom Mean To Me?

My answer is this: my freedom is in my choice. I choose what I do with my money, my time, my life. If I make a poor decision, I choose to accept the consequences. If I make a good decision, I'll reap the rewards.
But it's. My. Choice. Period.
Keeping the right to make your own choices is harder than it looks. Plenty of people in this world benefit when someone else is deprived of a real choice about what happens in their lives, and they do it in a thousand ways. Information is withheld, and people are tricked into false dilemmas. 

Information is warped, and people are coerced into false choices based on what they've been told. 
Freedom is the making of a choice. It's what the founders of America fought for: the right to choose the future they were working towards for themselves, rather than having it dictated to them. The right to choose who and what they would become. Americans fought to have a choice in our own lives. Every generation that came here from another country fought to find a place, fought for the freedom to make their lives what they wanted them to be.
Some of us are still fighting today. 
We're fighting for the right to choose our lives. 
We're fighting for the right to choose a better way to live, for ourselves and our children.
We're fighting to be seen as people who deserve a choice.

As a people, we Americans haven't always chosen right. In fact, sometimes we've been dead wrong.
But here's the thing: every day, we have the freedom to make new choices.

It's up to us to make them.

When we sit back and let someone else make the choices....well, read your history books. There's plenty of examples in them on what happens when we give up our choices.

This weekend, America celebrates its independence. In honor of our right and our responsibility to make the choices that will decide our future, we'll review three comics that remind us of this fact:

We have the ability-and the duty- to stand up, raise our heads, raise our voices.

We have the Freedom to make a Choice. We must use it.

Here's hoping these comics will give you insight. What you see in them is up to you.

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